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Model A Brewing Co. – Wort Share Competition

In February, UPZS club members were invited to Model A Brewing Co. to compete in a Blonde Ale competition.  Members were allowed to show up to the brewery and fill up 5 gallon buckets of Model A’s, un-fermented, Blonde Ale Wort.  From there anything could be done to the wort.  The team at Model A judged 9 entries and chose two winners.  The winners will have a chance to spend a day at the brewery cooking up their own recipes which will then be put on tap in the brewery.  Congrats’ to Mark Will and the Krause’s for being the chosen winners.  Mark Will’s brew will hit the taps this summer.  The Krause’s brewed up a Dirty Blonde Saison with Mango, Pepper and Black Tea.  The Krause’s beer will hit the taps this Fall.

Internal Wheat Beer Competition

UPZS held an internal Wheat Beer competition.  The beers were all brewed by our members and judged by our peers at our April meeting.  There were so many good beers, it was hard to cast our votes.  Club members chose 3 winners (People’s Choice).  Lake Wylie Brewing Co. then chose one of the 3 winning beers to be brewed at their brewery this Summer (Brewer’s Choice).  Congrats’ to the winners listed below!


People’s choice:

1st Place: Colin Treend (Weizenbock)

2nd Place: Paul Daam (German Weisbier)

3rd Place: Mark Whitehead (Lime Wheat)


 Brewer’s Choice:

Mark Whitehead (Lime Wheat)

Host a Brew Day!

Host a brew day at your home or wherever you usually brew.  This is a great chance to meet new people.  Share your experience, techniques, eat some food and sample some home brew.  Sign up on the website calendar.

Host a brew day

Charity Campaign

The UPZS is holding a campaign for the Alexa R Good ALS Foundation.  To learn more visit the link above or the Go Fund Me page linked below.

Click Here to be directed to the Go Fund Me.

Alexa R Good ALS Foundation



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