Our team

RJ Manoni

VP of Competitions

Let me introduce you to the person I love most…ME. Wait, this isn’t an autobiography, who writes their own biography in the 3rd person? Well, I’m breaking the mold. I’ve been brewing since my days in college when my roommate and I decided we were ready for beer that had actual flavor. My background in producing gastronomic experiences makes me crave the different when it comes to making my award-winning concoctions I consider myself a competition brewer, and actively compete on the local and national level I’m currently using a 3 vessel system that I’ve “been converting to electric” for a while now. I pride myself on being able to use my culinary background (not at all what I do anymore) to pair flavors and create recipes using ingredients that aren’t normally found in your traditional styles. Speaking of styles, if I’m left to my own devices, I’m usually brewing Imperial Stouts, Sours, West Coast IPA, Farmhouse and anything considered “not normal beer” by my neighbors. Oh, that reminds me, if you drive by and my garage door is open, help yourself to tasty homebrew and let’s talk shop.

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