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“Cosmo Hoover”

VP of Communications

Jeremy Bizon’s interest in brewing was first peeked during college when a neighbor gifted him a set of home-brewing equipment. Triumphantly ‘failing,’ he would go on to only brew a few terrible batches. 12 years later, his wife gifted him (after begging for years) a home-brew kit for Father’s Day in 2019. Later joining a home-brew club in Chicago, he would start his newly excited journey with extract kits before moving to all grain. Utilizing almost entirely 2nd hand equipment, Jeremy went on to build his set-ups finding inspiration through YouTube and Home Brew Forums. Jeremy joined UPZS in 2020. Club members at UPZS encouraged Jeremy to challenge himself, enter competitions, and to develop his own recipes. “Home-brewing has not only been a lot of fun, but has also introduced me to a lot of fascinating and well educated home-brewers and friends along the way.”

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